• Online Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)

  • Web Design & Applications Development

  • Internet Advertising & Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Artificial Intelligence and IoT

  • SMS & E-mail Marketing

  • Internet & Network Security

  • Project Management

  • eBusiness & IT Training

  • Printing & Distribution

  • Business Startup Solutions

  • Corporate Server & Network Management

  • Financial Management Services

  • Premium Cloud, Web, Email Hosting

  • IT Strategy & Consulting

Business Core

  • Mission

    Our main goal is to provide our customers with the greatest service and support, backed by a team of well-trained IT professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

  • Service

    We understand the time and commitment it takes to run your own business and we assure you that we are 100% behind you all the way. From installation, website setup, configuration and website debugging, we are always be there to assist you. We are expertise on extensive technical and sales expertise on all hosting platforms including cPanel/WHM, Virtuozzo, Plesk, and Directadmin. Try us and feel the difference.

  • Price

    We have always offer as lowest price as possible for the quality of service we provide and we guarantee you will not find another company as dedicated to your needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We ensures our network will never let you down with a fast response time, a 99.9% network & server uptime guarantee. If there is a problem, we will fix it immediately. We strive to do our best, results, not words, because it represent quality.


We are a web development company that provide total web solutions (web hosting, domain name registration, website builder, information technology and web development consultancy, internet marketing and e-commerce solutions) to people around the world since year 2002.
Previously known as XWDgroup.

Most IT and non IT organizations are effective but not efficient in doing business via internet. Lack of efficiency leads to wasted time and money. Not only do they have issues in using their resources in an efficient manner, but also, more critically, their human capital does not operate efficiently. We help people to plan for their website and help them get the most out of their web development dollar. We provide e-commerce, e-business consultancy and complete web solutions to people who have passion to start or run their business online effectively. Even you are a homemaker, we are willing to assist you as well.

If you have the passion, we have the tools for you. Internet is not only for internet-savvy people. If you need expert advices, sign up our services and we are here to assist you at no extra cost ! No hidden fees at all ! With the experienced team we have here, we able to react better to changes, because we understand how a new demand will affect the many parts of IT (especially internet trends) and how to attack it.

" We make your money work as hard as you do. "

Did you know that eXpressWebDev only employs people with good relevant IT degree and vast experience in IT field ? We guarantee that you will only get professional and great services from us.

" We always eXceed your eXpectations "

Why Choose Us

  • Reliability

    At eXpressWebDev we pride ourselves in maintaining not only a fast but reliable services to all our client.

  • REAL Support

    We understand the importance of accessibility. With our real 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instant live chat and rapid response e-mail, you'll find a representative available to assist you anytime, anywhere. Our response times lead the industry, and our support team members are one of the most qualified, capable, and friendly you'll find anywhere.

  • Feature Rich

    One of the biggest differences you'll find with eXpressWebDev is our breadth of included services. We've combined everything you'll need to get your business up and running online, and offer support for just about anything else you can think of.

  • Security

    Our facilities support host-based virus protection, firewalls, real-time security alerting using intrusion detection scanners (IDS), and 24 hour monitoring from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Any potentially malicious activity can be curbed well before it happens.

  • Facilities

    eXpressWebDev understands the importance of client data. That's why eXpressWebDev servers are supported by a world-class infrastructure engineered from the ground up to support just about any kind of contingency. We've taken the time to ensure that our data center addresses all forms of potential business interruption. From a localized power failure to a major earthquake, all it takes to bring down a company is a lack of preparation.

  • Experience

    With over 8 years in the IT solutions business and thousands of accounts, it's obvious we know what we're doing. Each member of our staff has been chosen based on their industry experience and is dedicated to our company and client-centric philosophy.

  • Ease of Use

    Even with our innovation and technology, we've kept things simple. Easy instructions for either transferring an existing Web site or building a new one are available immediately and can be accomplished in just a few short steps. If you still feel the need for hand holding, our support staff is available 24/7.

  • Value

    Other reasons might not matter to you if our pricing isn't competitive. For years we have kept giving more for less, and that is what has kept our clients with us throughout our history. If you are not satisfy with the way our team assisting you, our quality assurance policy ensures you will get your money back.


  • Data Center and Network

    Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is located in Newark. Featuring bandwidth-on-demand connections with one of the primary Internet backbones in the United States, allowing us to offer a fast OC-192* connection, one of the fastest, most reliable connections available. Our NOC is located in the IBX® Center, a world class facility that's home to such giants as IBM eBusiness hosting,, Sony, and Yahoo. With connectivity to Level3 and Qwest our router has up to 150,000 possible routes to send each packet of data. Because we are actually on a backbone, we are able to provide you with one of the fastest, most reliable connections available.

  • Page Accelerator Engine

    At eXpressWebDev your web pages and scripts load blazingly fast thanks to our Page Accelerator Engine. Using a combination of industry standard caching & compression software from Zend, IntenseSpeed and HyperSpace Communications, we're able to maximize the performance of our servers and minimize page loading times.

Our Guarantee

  • Database Server

    min 99.95%
    Our Database mySQL Server Clustering Solution protects customers' database services from network, hardware, operating system, and database service failures, ensuring the highest Web database availability.

  • Web Server

    min 99.95%
    Our local and distributed load balancing and mirroring solutions protect customer Web servers from network, hardware, operating system, and Web server application service failures ensuring optimum Web server performance and availability.

  • Network Infrastructure

    min 99.95%
    eXpressWebDev guarantees high availability for its data center LAN. eXpressWebDev's network is structured, sophisticated, and redundant with no single points of failure. This delivers a significant performance and redundancy improvement over public or private peering Internet connectivity strategies.

  • Facility Infrastructure

    min 99.95%
    eXpressWebDev also guarantees facility functionality including power, physical security, environment, and fire protection. A guarantee of 99.95% availability means that there will be no more than 30 consecutive minutes of unscheduled outage per month.

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